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Second meeting of MPS staff was held in 2016

Referring final days of Iranian year, Second Meeting of MPS employees and MPS trading group consist of Matin Pars Shafagh, Matin Pars Maya, Matin Pars Rouyesh companies was held in 3 March 2016 at MPS conference hall, building No. 3.
In this meeting, CEO and middle managers of MPS Holding Company each offered their performance report during 2015-2016. CEO Consultant and Director of sales performance explained his efforts, measures and obstacles for branding and sales. Sales Manager also added, despite all obstacles sales in 2015-2016 was 3/4 times more than 2014, but this number is insufficient, sales staff have worked hard and learned useful experiences which will be used for New Year. Commercial Director reported business negotiations and also explained harsh conditions of communication with foreign companies during sanctions and barriers. Then CEO's of Rouyesh and Maya submit their report.
CEO of Matin Pars Shafagh Co., Management of MPS group and Chairman of Board of director of other companies, while analyzing economic conditions, especially sharp downturn of market and barriers to business stated that: in recent years many companies were at risk of collapse for this reason. This make difficult economic work, but MPS in spite of this situation had sales, investment and structure growth, installations and equipment of new companies, which indicates success of management of MPS.
CEO hopes that by repealing sanctions and possibility of opening L/C and Swift, Iranian companies would be able to manage their own affairs better.  He looked financial and human resources management on time as two important bases in organizations and emphasized on them and noted to all managers and employees that motivation, goal and organizational loyalty are important features of any human resources which cause efficiency.
CEO of MPS at the end thanked efforts of all staff and wished the best for them in New Year.
2016 slogan of MPS as he expressed: Firm step; further efforts; higher loyalty

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